Meet Anya

Gustav Flaubert wrote, "Of all lies art is the least untrue"


In our artist series, we will be spotlighting some of our favorite dancers. Through the grace and generosity of their own experience and words, we will learn a bit more about them and their art. The dancers I have selected to feature are inspiring and authentic artists, as well as inspiring and authentic humans. Their truth and expression drives those around them to find their own power and creativity. Their art is a beautiful contribution to the dance landscape and it opens us all up to exploring our own expressions of truth.


I invite you to meet Anya.

Anya Katsevman began her dance training at an early age, accomplishing over 20 prestigious world titles in the Latin Dance arena. Anya's elegance and style truly set her apart in the dance community, however it is her humility, grace and authenticity that draws us closer. 

Born in Kiev Ukraine, Anya has been living in New York City for 15 years. In addition to her captivating creative performances and many successful accolades, she helps to develop and nurture talent as an instructor. In this series, we challenged our dancers to take a photo in our gear that represents them. Receiving Anya's photos confirmed what I already suspected about her. She chose to include her student and friend because giving and sharing is as much who she is as dancing.


We often focus on the poised performances, the lights, the costumes, the awards and the competitions. We are easily swept up in the alchemy of dance, the magical process of transformation. Anya chose to focus our attention to something else. The beautiful and very human process behind the scenes. The everyday work where the artist grows, teaches, and inspires other artists to grow.
We asked Anya three simple questions, to answer in her own words.
Special thanks to Anya for participating and inviting us to learn a bit more about you. To learn more about this incredible talent visit and follow her Instagram to see photos and videos.

Who are you?

"I am a two time world champion. Teacher of teachers and everyone in between who is striving to reach any personal goal. I build my method to help everyone as best as I can regardless of their projected journey and skill set."


Why do you move?

I move because through physical activity especially one as artistic as dance we have a unique opportunity to discover ourselves. Express, impress, learn, grow and track progress. I want to help as many people as possible and bridge the gap between self-expression through movement and the idea that one has to be of a certain level or goal to do so. 


How do you inspire?

I inspire by always being my authentic self. Identifying what is important to me, what is of potential benefit to myself and others and doing my best to stay on that path without social conformity.