Meet Tara-Lyn 8andone Ambassador

When you first meet Tara-Lyn you immediately feel disarmed. Her friendly easy going nature opens the door to a very rich and abundant source of knowledge and passion that she seams to bring into everything that she does. Her extensive understanding of body movement and honoring of form and personal growth makes her an amazing instructor, but her passion and commitment is what makes her an incredible person. 


Get to know her below in her own words.

Who I am…...I am passion...I am strength...I am a fiery soul...I care recklessly…..I hug often….I love unconditionally...I am a person with conviction, devotion and purpose. I embrace my past

and have faith in my present and future, because my journey is evolving and has no limits. I am loyal to myself and those that choose to be on this journey with me.

Why I move…..I move because movement is the essence of life. Movement is me, us. I express the fire inside me with the way I move- move around, move forward, move ahead.  Movement is the most authentic representation of where you’ve been, where you are now and where you are going. When I dance, practice  pilates, run, walk, jump,  I am most pure..I am me.


What I want….I want to contribute to this world and make it better. I want to teach people how to find the pure joy in movement and how it  heals the body and mind. I want to empower.  I want the collective us to move together and connect and change the conversation from I can’t to I’m capable.   I want to be able to walk with another, hold space and have them know  “I am walking with you. I am accepting the way things are right here, right now.  With that we are already better.

How I inspire…I am myself and authentic .I hold space...I walk with another and encourage them to let their true self guide them. They must know they are enough and because of that they are capable of great things. This is true for my kids, clients, and friends and family. Great things within yourself inspire great things to happen. I work with the power of intention, the laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking. Anything that will happen begins with just a thought, so in that way, we are capable of almost anything. Sky isn’t even the limit. That can be said for Pilates,  goals, relationships, and life!

Tara-Lyn Nunziata founder of Tara-Lyn Pilates brings specialty pilates workshops and teacher trainings to any studio.

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