Six Degrees- Meet Barbara Hoon and Amanda Marx


"The concept of six degrees of separation is that all living things are six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of "friend to friend' statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps"


 Walking into Six Degrees Pilates in Boonton New Jersey you are immediately mesmerized. This gorgeous space housed in a charming landmark bank building feels like a posh Manhattan loft, but when you look a little closer you can see the remnants of its former life including original bank vault and striking structural details. This unique setting is outfitted with state of the art classical apparatus and is bathed in beautiful natural light.  It combines the best of all worlds, classical, modern and refined.

Barbara Hoon Studio owner echos the same abundance as the space. When you first meet her you are completely drawn in by her warm nature and friendly spirit. She began practicing pilates as a dancer at the Julliard school. Her training continued throughout her impressive dance career, that included being an original member of the renowned Twyla Tharp dance company in addition to Broadway, television and film.

I had the privelage of photographing Barbara and her beautiful and talented daughter Amanda at the studio. In addition to their impressive knowledge of pilates and dance what really struck me was their deep love of each other and helping people be their best selves through movement. 

In the spirit of getting to know Barbara and Amanda through their own words below are their answers to three basic questions. Their answers however are far from basic and truly demonstrate how we are all connected through helping each other and living and sharing what we love. 6 Degrees indeed!


Barbara Hoon

Who I am
I am a classically , trained Juilliard dancer who was introduced to Pilates and a very young age . I studied with some of the most illustrious instructors in the world . During the last 25 years ,I have been integrating this unique Pilates foundation and inviting people with serious orthopedic issues or to people who simply want a better quality of life .

Why I move 
I move because I have to . It's who I am . I come from a family of dancers and was exposed to dance at the age of 3 and have never stopped moving .

What I want 
I want people of all ages to share my knowledge and experience in dance and Pilates - I truly believe if people keep moving , their quality of life , their minds  bodies will be remain young forever .

How I inspire
I Inspire people by practicing what I preach . By dancing and Pilates in my daily life, I believe that people see it and feel it .
It's contagious . The whole world should follow this theory - there would be less illness and violence everywhere . We simply must keep moving !

Amanda Marx

Who I am
 I am a wellness enthusiast on a mission to share health, fitness, and joyful living with our world! 
Why I move 
I strongly believe that movement heals all, and keeps me physically and emotionally strong. If I’m having a bad day, I make sure to squeeze in a yoga, Pilates or dance class.  Even a 5 minute dance party in my apartment has the power to shift negative energy into positive energy! 
What I want
I want to move through life with grace, joy and love.
How I inspire
 I hope I can be an example of healthier living, and empower others to know that they can do the same! Our modern world can often be confusing, but I’d love to help people navigate their journey to finding balance.
Six Degrees Pilates is located in Downtown Boonton New Jersey
Visit their website for more information about the studio, event space, pilates classes and private instruction.